Monday, September 15, 2008

Why I Am Homeschooled

If I had to sum up why I am homeschooled in a simple phrase it would be something like this: Because homeschooling is creamy, rich and has a good aftertaste. Quite likely, you're feeling like I've left you hanging. Such a simple explanation could only be snide. My education is being brewed in a way that's unconventional; actually it is only so when one bears in mind exclusively the last 150 years, but not if one considers the history of the world .
The lush, foamy texture of my erudition comes from the freedom of a flexible schedule and the beffitting structure of assignments. When those who are not of my educational background inquire as to this subject, I often see them quiver with effort to refrain from lashing out in open jealousy.
The flavor of my schooling is brought about by high quality ingredients. Being enrolled in a thing as bureaucratic as public school is like a musical career using an instrument produced with countless others on a highly regulated conveyor belt; and no, don't tell me that it works fine. In public school, political correctness is an anti-integration hinderence, and frankly, I see no reason to be without whatever weapons I see fit during study.
Finally, the taste that lingers after indulgence is far more saturating in the world of socialization than in oral consumption, and for it to be pleasing, is the the most intricate of luxuries. To be encompassed with company of good nature and active spirits (as often occurs with one who is homeschooled) is much more satisfying than to not.
I hope you have found this information useful, and I beg you to ask yourself again wether or not any arguments you may have are indeed relevant, given the information herein. Also I might add that Ralph Wiggum is in fact public schooled, and the picture was uploaded with the utmost sarcasm.


Beckalita said...

Dude! "Erudition"! What does that mean? Great word!

Lindisty said...

Absolutely brilliant. Took the words right out of my mouth.

Susan said...

I do understand how being home schooled might be nice because of the flexibility and stuff, but I hope you consider the feelings of public schooled readers who might come across this, like me. That post could offend some people. Frankly I'm not at all jealous of home schooled kids, because most of the kids I've met who were home schooled (not all of them of course, just the majority) were outwardly snobby about it. I don't want to be like that. :) (I do know lots of homeschooled kids who are perfect little dears. They rock lol :D )

I totally respect, naturally, that people have their own opinions about things. That's perfectly fine by me. You just might want to be careful about saying things like what you said in this blog post, and maybe consider it from a public-schooled kid's point of view. Criticize carefully lol :)

Chantry said...

Having been in public school (recently) myself, I prefer homeschooling.

I think it's because we enjoy homeschooling so much compared to the alternative, that we feel privileged. And, thus, an ego accumulates in some. *Cough* Cody *Cough*

Please forgive those of us who come across that way.

carmen said...

I would NEVER go back to school! Well, at least if I had the choice. That's a great post. It explaines everything!

PS. What's up with ralphy??