Monday, July 14, 2008

A Fancy Darth Vader suit

Recently I became aware of the ultimate authentic edition Darth Vader costume. When I saw how real it looked that was the beginning of a long chain of events that would eventually lead to me having my own authentic supreme edition studio mold cast Darth Vader outfit. After a long and gruelling month on Ebay and various internet sites, I finally acquired one for $650 including shipping. The suit retails for around $750 and I think it lost about $150 of value once I opened the box. To further analyze and document my insanity I have compiled this list:

Things I could have bought with the money:

*Craftsman 6.75 Torque Rating 21 in. 3-n-1 Deck Rear Bag Push Lawn Mower with High Wheels- 2 1/2 units.

*Smokey Mountain Knife Works Battleaxe with studded wooden handle-30 units.

*Airheads Bars-6000 units.

* Jolly Ranchers-7680 units.

*Plastic sword or bat-600 units.

*Squier Stratocaster Electric guitar-6 units

*Doritos Large size bag-240 units


Beckalita said...

I think the blog post might actually be worth the $650. The composition of the photos is particularly artistic. He-he.

carmen said...

Awsome! I like it. those people look like they are getting a picture with THE Darth Vader

Intern said...

No matter how many dates this part of your life will ruin, it'll probably be okay in the end. Just keep going to the conventions and you're bound to make up for all of the rejection with collectables.

Gargoyle Express said...
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Chantry G. said...

I gotta say... Im not usually one to fall for guys in Authentic Supreme Edition Studio Mold-Cast Darth Vader outfits. But you pulled that off really well.

Emily said...