Thursday, January 15, 2009

MP3 Etiquette

Lately I have been seeing some horrific things regarding MP3 etiquette, but since you have likely never been taught these principles, I will go over it now. There is a common misconception among teens that people who listen to MP3 players in public, or on social occasions are called cool. In reality, these people are called "MP3 monster baby losers". I find it absurd that some people think this is acceptable during events such as family reunions, church meetings, or at school. There are two categories of this offense, the first being less serious and in fact optional includes listening on occasions such as while walking between classes at school. This may not be directly offensive, but it is always totally unnecessary and wasteful. The second and greater offense is, of course listening during talks, lectures, or at social events where there are other human beings to interact with. I have often been accused of being reclusive and shy due to my homeschooling, but then I turn around and see "normal" people listening to MP3s around other people! There are times when this is acceptable however, such as at the gym, or when specifically showing a friend a song.

Another disturbing trend is listening to music at excessively high volume levels or without adequate sound insulation. You may enjoy listening to your music loud, but other people don't want to hear it. In fact, unless their musical preferences are similar, or yours are perfect, they might well find it annoying or offensive.

I will conclude by saying that I have often been accused of listening to radical music, but you will never see me forcing it on other people through mindless, selfish tune mongering. Furthermore, you will never find me in a million years ignoring other people or defiling the MP3 by listening at inappropriate times.


Chantry said...

And to think that I had just listened to my Zune in class this morning... But merely to rebel against the public school system.

Chaka said...

If you think the music is too loud then you are too old! I'm surprised to hear this sermon from a past ear phone addict. You have some good points. I don't think most people realize how rude it is to leave their ear plugs in while they are at social events.

Beckalita said...

Sorry I gave you the lecture before you left on your trip. If I had read this post earlier, I would have known it to be completely unnecessary. Thanks for not contributing to the rudeness.