Monday, July 27, 2009

Obnixious Jokes

I have ranted about this before so those who know me well may have heard this already. One of the most horrible things in society is when one makes a joke, loudly laughs at own joke, and takes said joke several steps further in concept without the consent of the listener. I'm sure you have heard this happen before but you may not be sure exactly what I mean. Here are a few examples of what it may sound like:

Farceur: And the starfish said ' How about you just have some crumpets!'
Listener: oh, nice ha.
Farcuer: BLawhahahahshegghzehehe.
Listener:hm hmm heh.
Farceur: No It's like ' some crumpets elk grass!'
Listener: heh
Farceur: hahahahhehe. Haha. Heh. and then he carjacks an elephant!
Listener: Nah.
Comic: Because there was a rooster on the other side!
Listener: haha.
Comic: hahahahahah, And then he jumped in a volcano!
Listener: (hesitantly) Eh, heh.
Comic: And it ate a nuclear bomb!
Listener: Uh, nope not at all, stop right there.
Wisecracker: And then he jumped out of the bushes and said ' Wheres my Rolex!?'
Listener: yeah heh.
Wisecracker hah, no, how about: haha, I don't heh, maybe one lawyer said to, heh the other...
Listener: Bye.


dwrichy said...

Nice, David. Nice. Did this happen to you recently?

Carmen said...

Heh, Heh, Heh!