Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Age of Exploration

I have done much study on this topic and will now relay to you the trends of middle-age exploration. The age of exploration was a time ranging from around 1400 to 1800 A.D. That’s probably not exactly what it says in text books, but I guarantee some exploring happened during that time. What was happening is this: A bunch of crazy tyrants were in need of new land and riches, and so they all were competing by sending brave explorers to the new world, who would either starve, freeze, be killed by natives, or find riches and land. Then, the explorer would claim the land to be his own, and sell off the natives to be slaves. Then, when was really famous, and deemed a hero, he would be either executed in a new colony, or shipped back to his home country and burned. There are many ways this might have come about. The first is this: someone would get jealous and tell the governor that the explorer was a heretic. Or, his neighbors would take out his intestines for whatever reason. The King or Queen would then take control of the new world, bring disease, kill everyone, and grab a bunch of gold. Then, they would be killed by more natives, then more people would arrive the cycle would restart until it burned out. Then, more natives would jump out of the bushes and eat those peoples' heads.
They would hear of a great native city which was even more rich and majestic then any other yet by some idiot sailor who's grandpa made it up. So another explorer would set out with an army and within a few months or less, all of his men would be killed by natives, fall into big pits full of snakes or tigers, drowned in quicksand, eaten by wild beasts, starved or diseased. Thus we see that the exiting time of exploration for people to go out and find beautiful new places to live, full of resources, and the natives who were desperate for new friends and toys, isn't really too good because everyone ends up dead in a fairly unpleasant manner, and possibly with his face bashed in or eaten. Obviously some exploring had to be done though, and I'm glad it happened for without a nation of freedom being born we would not now have Metal/


Beckalita said...

Rock On! So, how many times has that happened? It sounds pretty amazing that we ended up free to begin with. Do you think we can stay free?

Chantry G. said...

We wont be free for long... especially with a certain Communist coming to power. But its not only our leaders that decide whether we are free, its us that decides, then takes actions to stay that way.