Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Childish Games

When I was young my friend cruelly took advantage of me by fabricating myths that we both had "Radars" in our heads. Actually, I dont blame him and the experience was fun. If I did what he said his Radar would make mine grow, thus increasing my power. However, if I refused he would shoot missiles at my radar. I must have truly believed in the whole phenomenon for some time and it was a pretty cool idea, except I had trouble coming up with the cause for which I was giving up my yogurt every time we got school breakfast. My powers once even progressed to the point were I CREATED A CAR which then drove out of a nearby cul-de-sac and into my line of sight. One day my dad asked me what I talked about with my friend. I let him know about the basics of Radars but some gut insinct caused me not to tell him about my friend's dominant Radar. When I told my friend about the incident he seemed worried and asked what I had said. I assured him that I didn't leak any bad imformation and asked what I could do to serve the cause.

These kinds of games are all around us in children. My brother recently told me about a game that the deacons play. It went something like this: "This is the most advanced custom my deacon friends have ever thought of! First you see who can survive the longest while engaging in a hand-to-hand pressure point lock while at the same time trying to hit the other person's funny bone and complete the victoy by containing their arm in three of you fingers until they give up." Apperantly this works best in church meetings when they pretend to listen and try not to yell, which looks pretty weird.

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murri said...

Do you do this in class, too? I usually just make dumb comments. Maybe I should try your brother's game instead!