Saturday, April 5, 2008

Lagrima y Costel

Let me start out by saying that the veiws expressed here are not meant to be racist in any way and I know that tradidtional Mexican culture is way more classy than Lagrim y Costel.

With that being said let's begin. Legrima y Costel is a TV show on channel 24. The show features two clowns named Legrima and Costel. Basically this show is the biggest cross-dressing pie smashing trash fest on earth. If I had to describe the show in one sentence it would be Spanish Jerry Springer. A few examples of the activities on the show are: putting tape on a blindfolded person's face and inviting a guest to play the guitar while being shoved. I don't know enough spanish to tell what they're saying but i'm sure it's something like: "haha! Costel see? Delightful! Your mask fell off on that last piggy-back ride! Yes Lagrima now let's start the next entertainment! No Costel they dropped out at the last minute remember? Ok, then three lucky members of the audience will now chase ballons while we hit you with foam weapons." The entire show looks literally like it was produced by a bunch of three-year-olds with cameras and bad taste.


Beckalita said...

That's funny. I didn't realize that show even had a name. I'm sure no one watches it. We could probably find one or the other of their costumes on ebay. I'm going to look right now.

intern said...

Your spelling error is rendering your internal radar useless. You must now buy me a Pez dispenser

Chantry G. said...

Thankfully, I hadnt heard of it till now. But now that I have, I feel sorry that humanity has taken such a demeaning step. We are now a lost and fallen people, thanks to this show. :)